In fact the Vidyalaya campus does not have proper play ground to play outdoor games like football, handball, kho-kho etc. The existing open space with an area of 68m (L) & 60m (B) near to the Boy’s dormitory (Udaigiri boys) cannot be used or seldom used as playground because the entry road inside the campus leads through this open space.

The ground cannot be maintained properly because staffs, students, visitors from outside including all sorts of vehicles (heavy & light) enter inside the campus passing through the playground. The movement of contractor’s vehicles carrying construction materials throughout the year damages the ground surface making 2 to 3 fts deep pit on it. Moreover at several places layers of bricks & gravels are laid for convenient passage of vehicles & human movement over the ground. 

Presently, 02 nos of Basketball grounds are under construction. Special mention could be made here that due to lake of sufficient playground engaging a large number of students (480) at the times of games become difficult & many children remain idle without business. Under such circumstances; they find times & opportunity to create nuisance & problems in several ways.


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