Mess menu

Mess Menu During 2017-18 as decided on 13/07/2017 in the Mess Meeting, running w.e.f.  17-07-2017

Monday Puri, Soyabean Curry Biscuits Rice, Dal, Veg Curry, Mix  Salad Samosa Rice, Dal, Sidal Chatni, Green Veg Curry, Parota (Only for mig)
Tuesday Pulao with Chana Dal Biscuits Rice, Dal, Egg fried, Veg Curry Paneer fry (for Veg). Pakora (Beson) Rice, Dal,Veg Curry, Roti (Only for mig)
Wednesday Rice,Dal, Dry mixed Vegetable fry Biscuits Rice, Dal, Chicken Curry,Paneer Curry (veg), Lemon Laddo Rice, Dal, Green Veg Curry Parota (Only for mig)
Thursday Khichuri, Pickle Biscuits Rice, Dal, Egg Boiled fry, Veg Curry, Potato fry (Veg) Khir Rice, Dal, Pumpkin/ Brinjal pakoda, Roti (Only for mig)
Friday Pulao with Egg fry mixed & Kabuli Mator Curry Biscuits Rice, Dal, Soyabean Curry, Pickle/Lemon/khira Muri Chanachur & Tea Rice, Dal, Sidal Chatni, Green Veg Curry(Veg), Porota(Only for mig)
Saturday Pulao with Mator Curry Biscuits Rice, Dal, Fish fry,Paneer fry, Veg Curry,  Lemon/khira Boiled Chickpea


Rice, Dal, Fish head curry, Green Veg Curry (Veg), Papad, Roti (Only for mig)
Sunday Rice, Dal, Potato Vegetable fry Rice, Dal, Soyabean Curry, Salad/Lemon, Papad Jelabi Rice, Dal,Green Veg Curry, Parota (Only for mig)

Note: 1) items will be provided as per the supply and availability of commodity in the market.

          2) Tea only for staff during short break time and afternoon (Office staff).

          3) On 4th Saturday instead of fish curry,  veg curry Will be provided and next Monday fish curry will be provided.


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